Why Neutering Your Pug Is A Good Idea

neutering your Pug

Hey, everybody. Lots of people believe that neutering your Pug will be unkind or painful for the dog.

Nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, there are several benefits that come with having your Pug neutered.

7 Good Reasons For Neutering

1.0 Neutering Will Not Hurt Your Dog

Neutering does not hurt your dog!

If you get a qualified, skilled vet to do the operation there will be no pain.The animal is unconscious for the op, and post-operative pain is negligible. Modern vets urge the use of post-op pain medication.

After the operation, he will be romping about as if nothing has happened.

2.0 Neutering Your Pug Is A Safe Happy Option

After neutering the dog's testosterone level drops.

This makes the dog far less confrontational. There will be no reason for him to challenge other male dogs. Your dog will not roam around looking for a female dog. He will be more likely to stay home and behave himself.

3.0 Neutered Dogs Make Better Neighbors

Your neighbors will have no cause to complain about your male dog barking around the neighborhood marking territory and picking fights.

4.0 Neutered Pugs Are Healthier

The dog will not suffer from hormonal ups and downs. These often lead to issues like stress related illnesses and cancer. He will be less likely to run into the road and be hit by a car.

5.0 Neutered Pugs Become More Predictable

It's unlikely you will have problems with your pug attacking the neighbors cat.He will not decide out of the blue that your new baby doesn't belong in the family.

Intact dogs are territorial. They often think they are the alpha dog.

6.0 It's Easier To Train A Neutered Dog

Pugs are more likely to accept that you are the pack leader. He will begin to pay more attention and accept instruction better. Gizmo uses an assortment of other miscellaneous sounds to communicate with us, often with perfect comedic timing to punctuate our own sentences. She’s a natural.

7.0 Neutering Makes Him A Better Pet

Getting your male Pug neutered will be a practical and responsible thing to d

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Neutering your Pug will make him far happier and better settled. He will be a healthy dog and enjoy a longer life.

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