What Hand Books Don’t Tell You About Pugs As Pets

pugs as pets

Hello, Everybody and welcome to the blog.Today I will be looking at Pugs as pets.

People quite often go out and acquire a Pug, only to discover later it's not the dog for them.

Why is this? These dogs can be bossy, stubborn, and naughty. Folks living with pugs soon come to realize that they need a fair bit of watching and managing in terms of safety, health and general training.

Living With Pugs As Pets

pugs as pets

Is It A Plane-Is It A Bird?

You may have read that pugs are cute, loving, lazy snugglers. So you might be shocked once you discover your newly acquired pug puppy is a little firecracker. They like to cuddle up for a few minutes and then race about, leaving mayhem in their wake.

Young Pugs are not different from any other puppies. If you are going to have pugs as pets you will have to expect some nipping, chewing, jumping up and general havoc.

Don't expect a couch potato until your pug is two. Your new little friend might NEVER slow down.You may be lucky and your dog may display a calmer more stable temperament than the norm for this breed.

What Hand Books Don’t Tell You About Pugs As Pets

1.0 You Will have To Keep Your Pug Busy

If you do get stuck with a little ball of fire the best way to wear her out is to get them involved in pursuits that keep them busy and make them think.

Pugs are very dependent on their owners and will always want your attention. When you are at home you can expect your little dog to trail after you and want to play.

People who like to unwind when they get home or can't make the time may not appreciate all this love and attention from their new little associate.

These little dogs love you with everything breath they have. They always want to be part of the action. Those planning on living with pugs as pets should be sure you are ready for this.

A pug puppy that has to be indoors all day will be completely manic when you get back. He is going to want you to spend the rest of the evening to her.

2.0 House Training Pug Puppies

pugs as pets

Pugs Bucket List?

House training a pug puppy can be exhausting and a canvas dog pen is a must have if you want to get anything else done.

Pugs will not want to go out back to potty while you stay nice and comfy in the living room with a cup of coffee. If they're outside, you have to be outside, as well. Most won't use their spot unless their owners are presence and encouragement.

These dogs take longer to potty train than most other dogs.

Punishing your pug for a mishap will not make house training any easier. Scolding, screaming or rubbing your puppies nose in the mess will not work.Your pug may develop into a sneaky pooper.

If you have pugs as pets prepare yourself to be woken 2 or 3 times a night until your pug is 6 months or older.

3.0 Pugs Are Smart Little Dogs

pugs as pets

Lets Play!

Pugs are sometimes mistakenly listed as dumb dogs. Most are not. As a matter of fact, most are smart and stubborn enough to figure out how to get their way.

Positive training, setting up rules and boundaries are essential with this breed or you may finish up with a bully.

They need to dog things go to parks, meet other dogs, romp around and have fun. If you have pugs as pets you will soon discover they are very good at determining what you will and will not allow.

A Pug will always try to test the limits.

4.0 They Are Energetic Little Partners

Although not sporting dogs, they need exercise. Quite a few would prefer to loaf on the couch all day, but that's not good for them

It really is crucial that they are given the proper amount of food for the activity level of the dog. Allow them to become obese and you shorten their life.

You Just Gotta Love Those Pugs

pugs as pets

5.0 Pugs are super clingy dogs

That's precisely why people living with pugs as pets refer to them as shadows.Some people find this quaint and adorable. Others may find it pretty annoying.

6.0 These dogs Must Be walked

These aren't dogs that need a lot of physical stimulation. Most of them, in fact, can't handle too much of that at all. This breed are very sensitive to climate, so taking them out in cold or hot weather is not advisable.

7.0 Some are compulsive lickers

They will lick you, themselves, other dogs or the cat, the children, the rugs or your cushions. It's just something pugs do.

8.0 Quite a few are 'swatters'

These little dogs often use their paws to whack you or other animals generally to play or gain attention.

pugs as pets

9.0 Some Bark, Howl, Moan And Grumble

Actually, this breed has the most amazing array noises you've ever heard.I love listening to my pugs not-so-gentle snores. Because of the structure of their face, pugs make lots of noises.

Pugs make snorting sounds and snore while they sleep. Oh yeah, they also fart quite a lot but other than that, they are pretty amazing pets.

They're nosy and always want to be part of the action

They understand that the command "drop it" means you're going to take it away. A Pug will quickly swallow the prohibited item and not just offer it up.

Yes, Pugs are notorious nappers. You know that it may be time for our her to snuggle up for a nap when she starts staring vacantly into space.

This will often be accompanied with snoring (even though she's still awake) and that classic head bob of a pug battling to fight off the irresistible urge to sleep.

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10.0 Brave little dogs that don't understand how small they are

A pug will not start a fight but will defend themselves if a fight starts.They're hopelessly outclassed in the fighting department and may get seriously hurt.

11.0 They are not the best guard dogs 

They may bark to alert if someone approaches but the only threat to a burglar would be getting licked to death.

This easy-going temperament is an advantage to those who can't stand yappy dogs that bark incessantly.

pugs as pets

12.0 Pugs Are Hungry Greedy Dogs

A pug will tend to eat more food than they need if it is available. This can result in obesity and heath issues associated with being overweight.

While most adult dogs should be given one or two meals in a day, Pugs should be offered food two to three times a day. Go easy on those tasty dog biscuits.

Many are food hogs and will eat twigs, stones, coins, nuts, and bolts. Name it, they'll eat it.

13.0 they look comical But Are Super intelligent

They can be stubborn about what and how they want to learn.With the right training, they can learn quickly. Pugs crave attention and are usually treat hogs, so using these tools wisely, you can teach your pug to do a lot of fun tricks.

Because they are highly intelligent and somewhat clever, pugs do become tired quickly of training methods.

If you get a couple of pugs as pets you will need to be sharp and mix things up when you are training these dogs.

Caring For Pugs

Pugs need a fair amount of grooming and general care. They need to be brushed to cut shedding.

While the short coat of a Pug is generally easy to keep up, the wrinkles need special attention. Brushing and combing should be done at least a couple of times a week. You will have to make sure that all the folds are attended to.

Cleaning the folds daily is required to prevent skin infection. Clipping the nails regularly is also required. Pug nails tend to grow quickly.

Should you be in a warm weather climate, and you don't have air conditioning, don't get a Pug. Pugs are not able to tolerate high temperatures and humidity.

This sort of weather is harmful to Pugs. Over exposure can cause immediate or long-term health problems ranging from heat stroke to organ damage.

One Last Thing

pugs as pets

Pugs are one of the most affectionate and loving breeds. Pug lovers find all the effort, cost and time to be well worth it. These dogs are clowns and comics and give their owners with hours of laughter and entertainment.

They are incredibly playful and fearless making them great companion dogs. I can't picture myself without pugs as pets and find it so sad that they only live 10 to 12 years.

God Bless

Richard S.

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