Vaccinating Pug Puppies – What Shots Will My Puppy Need?

 vaccinating Pug puppies

Hi there. What shots will my pug Puppy need? Well over the last few years there has been a lot of differing opinions about the best way to go about vaccinating Pug puppies.

The truth is that puppies can get deadly diseases even when they have had their shots at an early age.Talk to your vet to establish a suitable series of vaccinations for your little pug.

Puppies acquire some natural immune protection from their mothers when they begin nursing. This immunity is passed on to them through the colostrum found in their mother's milk in the first two days after their birth.This immunity may last for the first month or so.

The First Year

Actually different puppies from the same litter get varying amounts of immunity.You will definitely have to consider vaccinating Pug puppies in the first year of life. This will protect him from many dangerous diseases as his immune system develops.

When the vaccine is done the immune system is mildly stimulated. If your Pug is ever exposed to the real disease, the immune system is now ready to recognize and fight it off entirely. Or at least cut the severity of the illness.

Your vet will be more specific about the vaccination needs based on the breed, the particular region of the country in which you live, and your circumstances.

Vaccinating  Pug Puppies - Multivalent Vaccine?

vaccinating Pug puppies

I suggest that you consult your vet to administer a multivalent like D.H.L.P.P.Cv. Instead of giving your puppy six different injections, these "vaccines" or antigens can be given in a single small volume injection.

Administering the D.H.L.P.P.Cv. will be easier on your little pug puppy than getting six separate injections.

What Does DHLPPCv stand for:

D.. Canine Distemper Virus - This contagious and serious viral illness has no known cure, which makes essential for your puppy to have a vaccine that combats it.

H.. Hepatitis - This is a viral infection caused by two related viruses and it mainly affects the liver.

L.. Leptospirosis - This is a bacterial infection that affects a puppy's kidneys.

P.. Parainfluenza - This virus can result in upper respiratory infections in your puppy.

P.. Parvovirus - This is a severe often fatal virus affecting the lining of the intestinal tract.

CV.. Coronavirus - This is similar to Parvovirus, it can be very serious but not necessarily fatal.

What Shots Will My Pug Puppy Need? 

Call your vet before and have him examined as soon as possible. It's a good idea to bring in a stool sample for analysis for when your puppy has worms.

When Should They Be Done?

Each veterinarian will have a preferred protocol for vaccinating pug puppies and for the follow-up vaccinations. The following is a general vaccine protocol for a Pug puppy.

There 's a debate about the best age to begin vaccinating Pug puppies.Some people get started as early as 5 weeks while others as late as 9 weeks.

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6 -7 Weeks

Administer the first combination vaccine (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Coronavirus).

9 Weeks 

Get the second combination vaccine.

12 Weeks 

Have the third combination injection and perhaps consider a Lyme vaccine inoculation. A Lyme vaccine is should be repeated two weeks later and then every year.

16 Weeks 

Now do the last combination vaccine.

12 to 16 Weeks

Administer a rabies vaccine.

Don’t give your dog unnecessary shots. Many dogs suffer from immune system problems and too many vaccinations can be as bad as no vaccinations.

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