Teach Your Pug Puppy To Stay – 7 Easy Steps

teach your pug puppy to stay.

Hi, everyone. Today let's teach your pug puppy to stay.

If you've ever envied people who are able to tell their dog to 'SIT' or 'LAY DOWN' then walk away, leaving their dog waiting obediently for them then this is the post you've been waiting for.

The 'STAY' command tells your pug to remain in the 'SIT' or 'DOWN' position until he's released.

There's a lot of ways to teach your Pug to stay, but the key to success is teaching him he's going to receive a treat for staying and nothing at all for breaking away.

Most people make the mistake of teaching their dog to break the position instead of holding it. If you tell your dog 'STAY" then walk away and call him to you, you will be teaching him to break the position you have just asked him to hold.

A clever dog will start to anticipate your release and the 'STAY' will be less reliable. It's better to teach your dog a temporary boundary like 'WAIT'.

The easy way to teach your Pug puppy to stay rewards him for holding the position by bringing rewards to your dog and gradually adding more time to the length of the 'STAY'.

The rewards can be training treats, praise, toys or play time. You give your dog these when you  release him from the 'STAY' or on going as he holds it'.

Teach Your Pug Puppy To stay

If you are worried that your puppy is too young to learn to ‘STAY’ or , don’t be.Puppies are learning from the day you get them and even before, so start young and to teach him the behaviors you would like to see.

Pug puppies can be easily distracted and this could make you lose patience and give up. Just take a little time off to play with your pup, then go back and keep trying.

To teach him a really solid stay, start small and make it easy for him to get it right.

Let's begin with the ‘down-stay’. (you can use sit as well if you prefer)

1.0  Tell your puppy 'DOWN'

2.0 Now tell your puppy 'STAY' in a strong tone of voice and hold your hand in front of her face like a stop sign.

3.0 Wait a couple of seconds, then reward your puppy for staying down.

4.0 Practice this several times. Tell your puppy 'YES' to let him know you're pleased with him.

5.0 Next, ask him to go 'DOWN' again, then take one step back and tell your puppy 'STAY'.

6.0 After a few seconds, step forward and give him a treat him. Say 'YES' 'CLEVER DOG'.

7.0 Slowly increase the length and distance of the 'STAY‘. But don't get carried away and try to do too much too soon.

What If Your Puppy Breaks Away

If your puppy breaks away don’t punish him: by the time you catch up with him he’s already broken his stay. He will only associate the punishment with allowing you to catch him–not with breaking his stay.

If your puppy breaks the ‘STAY’, don’t scream at him. Simply not giving him a treat will be enough. 

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Getting Your Pug Puppy To Stay Down

If she attempts to stand up all the time, put one hand behind her shoulder-blade to keep her down while telling her "stay."

Always keep the one hand on a squirming dog. Use your other hand to make the stop sign and give her dog snacks. Don’t give her the opportunity to stand up.

Once your dog quits squirming go back to the free hand's method. Practice until the puppy perfects her stay.

If you're trying to teach your Yorkie puppy to stay and you are experiencing difficulties please contact me. Please use the comment box below this post. Thank you!


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