Spaying Female Pugs – Why Should You Spay?

 spaying female Pugs

Hi, everybody.The most effective way for owners to avoid undesired pregnancy is by spaying female Pugs.

 Countless numbers of dogs are left at the SPCA or rescues every year. Many of these animals are the result of unwanted pregnancies.

Dog rescues find themselves with more dogs than they can possibly find homes for.

People are often reluctant to have their pure bred Pugs spayed because they plan to breed them. However, they should consider that a quarter of the dogs in rescue centers shelters are pure bred.

People often find themselves with puppies that do not sell. They find that they cannot cope with the time or cost required to raise these puppies.

Spaying Female Pugs 

What Does Spaying A Dog Involve?

 spaying female Pugs

Spaying female Pugs is a procedure in which the female reproductive tract is completely removed. The ovaries, uterine horns, oviducts and the uterus are removed.

It's major surgery because it involves entering the abdomen.

Do not get worried about your Pug. It's routine surgery and therefore quite safe.

Spaying female Pugs is necessary, it's not an option. This procedure rules out the possibility of your little girl becoming pregnant.

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Is There An Age Limit For Spaying Female Pugs?

Pugs can be spayed as soon as they are 8 weeks old.

It's best to have them spayed before their first heat.

Puppies recover faster than adult dogs.The surgery is easier for them.

Pugs mature before larger breeds and normally have their first heat in the first 5 to 8 months.It's important to start looking at spaying options somewhere between the first three to four months of your pug puppy's life.

Check with your local animal shelter or ASPCA for low-cost or free spaying options in your local area. Just like food or vet expenses spaying female Pugs should be considered one of the costs of having a pet.

People often fail to spay female Pugs and when they produce a litter, they end up giving the puppies away.

These puppies are often not spayed or neutered and the cycle repeats itself over and over.

As a responsible pug owner, it's your task to spay or neuter dogs in your care.

There are over 6 million homeless pets in animal shelters in any given year. Many of these dogs will never find a home. Help keep the dog population down and cut the number of dogs sent to animal shelters.

Please do your part as a responsible pet owner and have your dog spayed.

Will Spaying Change My Pugs Personality?

Spaying female Pugs will not change their personality or general behavior. Your dog will be the same playful, friendly little clown as before.

Spaying your pug will cut the chance of her getting mammary cancer or any other reproductive cancer by nearly 70%. It does not only help prevent cancer; it helps to prevent Pyometra a disease that almost every female dog is faced with.


It's recommended that you spay female Pugs before they are six months old but it's never too late.

Bear in mind that spaying your dog is basically you taking measures to prevent her from getting any fatal diseases while ensuring she has a healthy long life.

So if you have female puppies or dogs, no matter how old, rush over to the closest veterinarian and have your female puppy spayed.

Give them the quality, healthy life they deserve. Enjoy more years with your faithful, loving pet.

God Bless

Richard S.

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