My Pug Sleeps Under The Bed at Night – Is This A Bad Thing?

pug sleeping in the bed

Hi, thanks for visiting today! If your Pug sleeps under the bed or near you this is simply just another way of showing his devotion. As a matter of fact, where your dog likes to sleep can say a lot about who he is and the kind of relationship you share.

If your little Pug likes to sleep under your bed or snooze there once in a while, there's no harm in that.

The small space underneath your bed gives him a place of comfort and serenity where he will not be found.

When your pug sleeps under the bed he can cover all approaching angles so he will be able to alert you if the "den" is under attack. He just wants to ensure both of you are safe in his own cute little puppy way.

Little dogs love small spaces because they feel contained, which they find enjoyable for relaxation. The space under your bed is a kind of "burrow", where he feels more secure than if he were exposed. It's a quiet and peaceful space where he won’t be bothered by bright lights or extreme cold.

This can help your little Pug feel secure, comforted, and loved in their home.

My Pug Sleeps Under The Bed at Night – Is This A Bad Thing?

Chucky and Bellamy

My pugs discovered the advantages of being under the bed after stealing objects from around the house and squeezing them in there knowing I can't catch them. If I leave my socks on the floor they end up under the bed with them.

My pugs sleep under the bed at night. We chase them off to their own beds, but after a few minutes, we can hear them one after another creeping across the carpet to sneak back under ours!

Dale and I are besotted with our dogs. So, pug sleeps in the bed room with us.

Now, I know this all sounds rather cozy but if your Pug suddenly starts sleeping under the bed there could me something wrong. 

What To Do When Your Pug Suddenly Starts Hiding Under The Bed

Hiding in small spaces can be a way for your dog to escape their regular day-to-day life. Small dogs like to feel safe and sometimes, they discover that the safest place for them is under your bed. If there's tension of any kind in the household, your dog may go under the bed to find peace and safety.

It will be important to figure out why your dogs hiding under the bed, and make the environmental changes needed for their own comfort and safety.

If you have recently adopted a puppy or adult dog and you notice that it is very scared and spends long hours hiding under your bed. The dog is under stress, and he may be heading under the bed to deal with his anxiety.

You may need to give your dog some time to adjust to whatever is bothering him.

See your vet for some medication to treat your dog's anxiety if he's hiding under the bed all the time.

Perhaps it's just a new pet that's bothering him, or your dog could be stressed because of a recent relocation to a new house. There may have been a new baby in the family. The death of someone in the family can also cause anxiety in your dog.

Sometimes, a dog will hide under a bed and use the space as a safe place while they are dealing with pain or an injury. When dogs are sick or depressed, they often hide because they feel so awful. This is could be the case especially if you notice other symptoms like is lethargy, grouchiness, or if he's not eating well.

A simple suggestion then would be to create a safe space near you in the house just for him such as a crate covered with a blanket or a bed inside a playpen.

A comfortable crate can simulate a den, and you can place them anywhere you want in the house. They can be effective if you want to keep your puppy out of your bedroom, especially its a Pug where loud snoring can keep you from getting a good night's sleep.

Do you mind if your pug sleeps under the bed at night? Share your experiences with us in the comment box below this post.

God Bless

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