How Do I Deal With A Jealous Pug?

Hi, everyone thanks for joining.The other day a pal of mine was asking "how do I deal with a jealous pug?"

Jealousy can be the result of a new relationship, a baby or when there is any other change in your routine which takes your attention away from your Pug.

how do i deal with a jealous pug

In the dog's mind, he has protected you through thick and thin and given you and your family unconditional love.Now you are giving your attention to someone else. Pugs can feel excited, joyful, depressed, frightened or jealous just like we do.

Possessive conduct in dogs is really quite common. They will often guard their favorite toy or make sure other dogs in the house stay away from their feeding bowl or comfy chair.

It's difficult to find fault with them for protecting what they think belongs to them, including their humans.

Pug Jealousy is not cute, and we will be unintentionally encouraging bad behavior every time the dog displays this emotion with no reaction from us.

How Can I Know That My Pug Is Jealous?

This adorable duo is just talking pug things. What are pug things?

Maybe what the best treats are and where to find Dad's socks in the bedroom, the best spots on the couch, and which one gets the warm spot in bed this week. You know, some of the more important things in life!

Your Pug may bark at the new baby or at a new pet that's hanging about the house. If you see your little dog barking at you when you are busy giving attention to another person, you will know that you are dealing with a jealous pug.

It's just his way of saying, "Hey, look at me."

Suddenly, your dog will not want to leave your side. She will start to follow you around the house.

A sure sign of jealousy is when your Pug begins licking itself far more than usual. She is diverting his attention onto himself. Your little associate feels she is not getting much attention from you.

If your Pug is the alpha she will believe that it's his duty to protect you. She may nip at anyone who steps up close to you.

The problem begins when your little pug starts protecting you from the other dogs and cats in the house.

Jealousy and dominant behavior can become a serious problem. Your jealous Pug may show signs of depression or a loss of appetite.

how do i deal with a jealous pug

How Do I Deal With A Jealous Pug - 3 Ways

The bad habits usually arise because you are giving more attention to another person or animal.

The solution isn’t quite as challenging as it may seem. It will need consistent commitment and a calm steady hand.

1.0 Restore Your Daily Routine

Whether you were aware of it or not before your Pug became jealous, the two of you had a daily routine. Perhaps a morning walk before going to work. You may have played ball after work, or a peaceful ear scratching session while watching TV.

To your Pug any change in routine is important. He sees the change as losing her place at your side and in your heart.

Give him some tender loving care and establish a daily schedule of walking, feeding, talking to and playing with your dog. Encourage positive interaction between him and any new member of the pack, human or animal.

Restore the former basic training ground rules. Reminding your dog that you are the boss. A jealous Pug should be watched carefully. As pack leader, you need to step in and control any sign of hostility or averse behavior before it gets out of control.

2.0 Try To Remove Things That Can Upset Your Pug

how do i deal with a jealous pug

If your little friend seems unhappy. A new dog is playing with his dog toys. Put the toys in a place where the new dog can't reach them.

Say, your dog is upset because the new dog is laying on his favorite couch don’t let the new dog stay there. Dogs are territorial animals and they need their own space.

Dealing with jealousy and possessive behavior in dogs is an ongoing thing. It’s well worth the effort to keep the peace in the family for everyone’s sake.

To your dog, you are the moon and stars to and he wants to please you. A responsible pack leader will establish rules that are consistent and clear.

3.0 Take responsibility and watch your Pug during the transition.

 Make sure that you are around when you bring home a new baby or a new dog. That's called responsible dog ownership.

Well that's  how do I deal with a jealous pug. Perhaps you can provide our readers with a few other tips? Please use the contact box below this post. Thank You!

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