There’s Nothing Wrong With Feeding Your Pug Table Scraps

feeding your pug table scrap

Hi, Everyone. I want to explain why I think there's nothing wrong with feeding your Pug table scraps.

I'm sure everybody feeds their dogs table scraps at one time or another. We find it impossible to resist dropping a morsel or two when we see those cute little eyes staring at us from beneath the table.

You may have heard that giving “people food” or table scraps to your pug may not be a very good thing.

Well, the pet food industry are always harping on about how expressly formulated their dog foods are.

They would like you to think that anything added to your dog's kibble will change the delicately balanced mix of professionally chosen ingredients and upset your dog’s delicate digestive system.

This is nonsense!

There's Nothing Is Wrong With Feeding Your Pug Table Scraps

If you think about it, many of the commercial treats we buy aren't really 'good' for your dog either.

Simply because food comes from your dinner table doesn’t mean it’s bad for your little partner.

I have been feeding your Pug table scraps for many years, and I think he's better for it.

Plenty of people prepare their own dog food, and their dogs eat “people food” without experiencing any problems at all.

Feeding your pug table scraps in moderation is okay.

When I was a kid dogs were just as healthy and they ate people food and NOT dog kibble.

Since Then Two things Have changed

  • The public has been convinced through the media that highly processed commercial dog food is better for their dogs.
  • People, no longer eat as healthily as before. Processed dinners, lunch meats, chips, candy, and other pre-packaged and processed foods are not a healthy option for dogs.

Actually, people food, that's carefully selected and, can give your dogs an important nutritional boost.

Will My Dogs Become Obese If I Give Them People Food?

Yes, whenever you sneak your dog some extra food, you are adding calories.One of the leading issues with adding people food to your dog's diet could be overfeeding.

You have to avoid giving your Pug large amounts of fatty food. Even dogs that are used to eating table scraps can get too much fat, leading to pancreatic problems.

If the food you share with your little friends is high in fat, sugar, and calories, then there's a real risk that your dogs will become obese.

This risk is higher for small dogs like the Pug because it only takes a few extra calories to trigger weight gain.

It's your task to keep track of what's put in front of your Pug. It's bad for their health and quality of life, it may cut their life span, and it cost you a lot of money in veterinary expenses.

Sharing healthy food in small amounts while reducing your dog’s regular food by an equal amount will make sure your dogs don't put on weight. That way feeding your pug table scraps won't lead to dog obesity.

Let's Define Healthy Table Scraps

feeding your pug table scraps

Remember, feeding your Pugs table scraps means leftovers from a meal. The stuff you actually cook for yourself and your family. (Microwaving doesn't count.) Give them food, not snacks or dessert.

Lean meat is a wonderful treat for your four-legged friend. Lean turkey, chicken, beef or fish are fantastic sources of protein.

If you eat meat without sauces, marinades, and gravy, they're perfect for your dogs.Even a small amount of raw fruit or vegetables is good for your dog. Salads are okay in small quantities. (Before the dressing please.)

Slightly less kibble and a little more table scraps (most notably meat protein and eggs) will possibly improve your dog's health quite a lot.

There's nothing wrong with feeding your Pug table scraps.

What Can I Do When My Dogs Start Begging?

Feeding directly from the dinner table can lead to bad manners and begging.

In my opinion sharing food with my dogs has brought us closer together.

I understand how some folks might be irritated by begging at the dinner table but it can be an effective way to teach your dogs to be patient.

Never feed your Pug table scraps he's  pushy at the table. I reward mine for lying quietly nearby, and staying patient throughout the meal.

Will My Pugs Refuse Their Kibble?

Dogs sometimes learn to refuse their kibble and hold out for you to feed them the remains of your dinner. Don’t be bullied by your dog! If this occurs, stop feeding your pug table scraps COMPLETELY.

Giving healthy human foods to dogs is no problem. Giving unhealthy junk food to dogs for every meal is out of the question!

Some foods that are suitable for human consumption are toxic and even poisonous to your dogs.

Don't feed your dogs Avocado, Chocolate, Garlic, Grapes and Raisins, Macadamia Nuts, Onions and Chives, Persimmons, Peaches and Plums or Rhubarb.

Salt – Just like salt isn’t the healthiest thing for humans, it’s even less healthy for dogs. Too much of it can lead to an imbalance in electrolyte levels, dehydration, and potentially diarrhea.

Cooked Bones – When it comes to bones, the danger is that cooked bones can easily splinter when chewed by your little pug.

Are you feeding your dog table scraps? Let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below! Thank YOU!


Richard S.

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