Dressing Up Pug Puppies Is A Lot Of Fun!

 Dressing up Pug puppies

Hello, everyone. Dressing up Pug puppies is a lot of fun!

Pug owners passionate about their small grunting associates and many have developed a further fixation – they like dressing up their dogs.

I‘m a bit of a traditionalist. I always wanted good old-fashioned dogs. I didn't share the idea that a pug puppy needed a Barbie dress up, a $150 diva tote, or Doggles to protect her eyes from flying debris when she's out riding shotgun with me on the weekends.

Sadly, my adolescent Pug puppy Flo Jo did not mind how her sense of style reflected on me at the dog park. She came to love those pink bows, fancy sweaters, and designer outfits.

I remember scoffing at Halloween costumes for dogs and laughed every time I saw some dog owner walking their dog down the road in hair-bows and frilly skirts.

We thought, clothes were for humans and that putting clothing on a puppy was a joke. I even heard that some vets and behavioral experts believe forcing a puppy to wear clothes can be the cause of anxiety and extreme discomfort.

Now, I've given in dressing up pug puppies is a lot of fun! and even my best friends are looking judgmentally at my darling's new outfits and pretty pink hair bows.

 Dressing up Pug puppies

Dressing Up Pug Puppies Is A Lot Of Fun!

So, how did this happen?

On one really cold winter morning I decided to buy a warm sweater, with little booties to match for Flo Jo. I thought she wouldn’t like wearing them, but I wanted her to be warm in the snow, which actually reached her little chin on our walks.

Guess what? She fell in love with her new stuff!

From then on as soon as I bought a new outfit, she’d begin circling excitedly, eager to put them on. Then she would parade about like a film star with her new apparel!

Lo Jo' s personality changes completely when we put clothes on her. She feels cute and sassy and smiles a whole lot more.

I raised my pugs to enjoy trips in the car and the outside. They love splashing in the water, racing about and coming home covered in dirt. But they also love cute clothes.

My Pugs enjoy any kind of attention we can give them and will wear their outfits - regardless of whether they are outrageous, cute or even ridiculous - as soon as they see how happy it makes me.Dressing up pug puppies is a lot of fun!

Flo Jo will eat up all that extra attention she gets from complete strangers. Gizmo will even Vogue pose for the camera provided his outfit has enough bling. Dressing up makes them feel special.

 Dressing up Pug puppies

Shopping For Pug Apparel Is Great Fun

These days choices in dog apparel range from winter dog sweaters to soccer or baseball jerseys and summer t-shirts for dogs.

Perhaps your dog would like a set of flannel Pajamas for puppies for bedtime. Or maybe a terry robe for after her bath.

For Bikers, there's an entire line of Harley dog clothes complete with leather caps and studded collars.

Encouraged by the ever-growing number of people with dogs, designers create designer outfits and dog accessories to die for.

Choosing dog apparel is a lot like clothes shopping for babies. Unless you're looking for practicality, cuteness is king.

'When You Feel Lousy, Puppy Therapy Is Indicated.' Sara Paretsky

It's hard to go wrong, given that any dog wearing clothes looks pretty damn adorable. Of course, dog costumes created for parties and special occasions are just too cute for words. Choosing Pug dog apparel for Christmas, Halloween and celebrity parties is such fun.

Oh, and if you really want your gift to be a hit with your friends, accessorize. Try a designer dog collar. Or maybe a cool pair of sunglasses for dogs!

I recently overheard that leg warmers are making a come back. 

 Dressing up Pug puppies

Doggy Divas And Their Celebrity Owners

Fashion is universal, and pet fashion is slowly becoming more popular all over the world.

Celebrities and socialites, love to dress up their dogs in outfits matching their own. If they are wearing a diamond necklace, their pet needs a diamond collar. That's right!

Dressing up your pet in the latest fashions has become a trend in Hollywood and New York City. In cities around the world completing your outfit with a matching designer dog collar is a must.

'Owning a dog is slightly less expensive than being addicted to crack.' Jen Lancaster 

 Dressing up Pug puppies

Dressing Up Dogs Is Nothing New

You may be thinking that the introduction of dog clothes and jeweled dog collars is a relatively new phenomenon. In fact, dressing up dogs is nothing new.

A closer look into history has shown that canine fashion is not a recent trend. Its been around for a long time. Early writings show us that the courtiers of Europe famously dressed their dogs up with magnificent coats with jeweled collars. High prices were paid for lap dogs and the royal hounds.

In times past leather dog collars were engraved with silver, gold, and brass plates.

In recent times small Dog Clothing designs and styles have seen an explosion. The choice is much more colorful and stylish. Today's dog clothes are far more affordable. Many owners buy a complete new wardrobe for their dogs to match seasonal, trends or special occasions. Dressing up pug puppies is a lot of fun!

One Last Thing

The industry is booming as we spoil our pets with a new sweater, t-shirt, or collar.

Dogs have become the fashion accessory of the twenty-first century.

So why not walk your dog with a diamante encrusted collar and lead to match. It not only serves an important purpose, gets you out and about with your Pug but it also looks great! And it's difficult to disagree with that!

God Bless

Richard S.

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