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How To Keep Your Pug From Drowning This Summer

keep your pug from drowning

Hi,Everyone.Today we are talking about how to keep your pug from drowning in the pool this summer. According to the American Pet Association around 45,000 pets die in drowning accidents every year. The swimming pool can pose a real danger to your little pug if you don’t take a few precautions. A dog pool ramp or set […]

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How To Help A Pug With Breathing Difficulties

help a pug with breathing difficulties

Hi there, thanks for visiting the blog! This post is to show owners how to help a pug with breathing difficulties. While your pug’s little snores and sneezes can be quite charming, keep in mind that the sounds are actually a result of a respiratory system that is not ideally designed. Of course, pug owners usually adjust […]

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How To Clean Up Your Pug Puppy’s Smelly Breath

cure your pugs stinky breath

Hello, everyone. perhaps you are wondering how you can clean up your pug puppy’s smelly breath. Nothing ruins a nice cuddle with your puppy like a sudden blast of halitosis. Let’s first look at the causes of bad breath in dogs.Periodontal Disease  Recent studies have shown that after the age of three, 70+ percent of dogs will have […]

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The Best Dog Food For Pugs – A Definitive Guide

best dog food for Pugs

Hello, everyone. People often want to know what I think is the best dog food for Pugs. There are several of really good alternatives as well as a few shockers so I normally tend to duck the question. Today I’m going to lay it all out and let you have my recommendation for the best dog food […]

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5 Easy Ways To Increase A Pugs Life Span

increase pug life expectancy

Increase A Pugs Life SpanHi Everyone thanks for visiting the blog.  With proper correct care and attention you can increase a pugs life span to 16 or even as long as 18 years.When a pug gets to about 8 years old he is a senior.The change from adult to senior is often so gradual that […]

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My Pug Sleeps Under The Bed at Night – Is This A Bad Thing?

pug sleeps under the bed

Hi, thanks for visiting today! If your Pug sleeps under the bed or near you this is simply just another way of showing his devotion. As a matter of fact, where your dog likes to sleep can say a lot about who he is and the kind of relationship you share.If your little Pug likes […]

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Easy Ways To Treat Pug Anxiety Disorders

treat pug anxiety disorders

Hi, Everyone. This post is all about how to treat pug anxiety disorders. Pugs are often called “Shadow Dogs”. They have a tendency to follow their owners around. They just have to be part of the action. The problem is that some Pugs come to over rely on their owners for emotional support. These dogs can become […]

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9 Common Pug Health Problems To look Out For

Hello everyone if you’re a pug owner, or thinking of adding a pug to your family, you’ll want to know all about common Pug health problems to look out for. DO SOME RESEARCH on the breed before buying. Be especially careful where you are getting your pug. Poor breeding practices are causing serious problems for Multiple […]

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How To Recognize And Treat Pug Dog Allergies

pug dog allergies

Hello, Everybody and welcome. Thanks for buying so many products through my links. You Rock! Today I am taking a look at how to recognize and treat Pug dog allergies. There are three main causes of allergies. The food allergy, flea bite or insect allergy and the airborne allergies. If your little Pug is coughing, sneezing […]

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Choosing The Best Food For Pug Puppies

The Best Food For Pug Puppies

Hello, everybody.Let’s take a look at choosing the best food for pug puppies. Think long and hard before you feed your Pug commercial dog food from your supermarket. If you feed the wrong Pug puppy food it could harm her. In extreme cases, your little friend could die young. Quick Navigation Dog Food Labelled Complete And […]

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Why Neutering Your Pug Is A Good Idea

neutering your male pug

Hey, everybody. Lots of people believe that neutering your Pug will be unkind or painful for the dog.Nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, there are several benefits that come with having your Pug neutered.7 Good Reasons For Neutering1.0 Neutering Will Not Hurt Your DogNeutering does not hurt your dog!If […]

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6 Helpful Tips For Bathing Pug Puppies

tips for bathing pug puppies

Hi, everyone.I thought I would give you some tips for bathing pug puppies. You can probably tell, she’s not a fan of bath time, but she puts up with it for the treats that come afterwards. It’s just as well pugs don’t need daily baths! This Pug had a good, sudsy scrub down before we put on […]

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Vaccinating Pug Puppies – What Shots Will My Puppy Need?

vaccinating pug puppies

Hi there. What shots will my pug Puppy need? Well over the last few years there has been a lot of differing opinions about the best way to go about vaccinating Pug puppies. The truth is that puppies can get deadly diseases even when they have had their shots at an early age.Talk to your vet […]

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Spaying Female Pugs – Why Should You Spay?

Hi, everybody.The most effective way for owners to avoid undesired pregnancy is by spaying female Pugs. Countless numbers of dogs are left at the SPCA or rescues every year. Many of these animals are the result of unwanted pregnancies.Dog rescues find themselves with more dogs than they can possibly find homes for. People are often reluctant to […]

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How To Stop A Pug Eating Too Fast- Before It’s Too Late

Pug Eating Too Fast

Hello Everyone. Thanks for visiting the blog. Lets look at how to stop a pug eating too fast.When you set your Pugs food bowl down, does he take his time to chew every bite or does he seem to inhale his food without chewing at all?Pugs often develop the habit of eating too quickly and […]

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