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Why Your Pug Licks Your Face -What Can You Do About It?

why your dog licks your face

Hello, everyone thanks for visiting. Perhaps you are wondering why your Pug licks your face and what can be done about it? Many of us find a Pug puppy’s licks a little off putting. Our tongues are useful for eating ice-cream or licking icing sugar out of the bowl. We are not inclined to greet a […]

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Choosing a Doghouse For Your Pug

choosing a doghouse for your pug

Hi, all thanks for visiting the blog. Lets look at choosing a doghouse for your pug. If you have made up your mind to treat your little pug to a new home of his own there are a host different designs to choose from.  There’s nothing like an invigorating run in the sunshine! My pug runs crazy […]

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How To Choose A Dog Bed For Your Pug

how to choose a bed for a pug

Hi, everyone.Let’s take a look at how to choose a dog bed for your pug. Pugs are famous for their uncanny ability to sleep just about anywhere. They are also able to sleep through just about anything. It doesn’t matter how many exciting things are happening in their world. When the urge to snooze beckons, there’s nothing […]

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Feeding Your Pug Table Scraps

feeding your pug table snacks

Hi, Everyone. I want to explain why I think there’s nothing wrong with feeding your Pug table scraps. I’m sure everybody feeds their dogs table scraps at one time or another. We find it impossible to resist dropping a morsel or two when we see those cute little eyes staring at us from beneath the table. […]

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How To House Train A Pug Puppy In 14 Days

house train a pug puppy

Hi, everyone. Today I would like to give you some tips on how to house train a pug puppy. I can promise that house training a Pug puppy will involve a few headaches. Brace yourself for a rough and rocky relationship with your cheerful little Pug. Although they look totally precious and lovable, they can prove to […]

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Riding In Cars With Pugs Just Got Safer

Greetings, everyone. Riding with pugs in cars just got safer! Here are some simple things to do to make sure that riding with pugs in cars becomes a trouble free, safe happy experience for everyone. Summer is the perfect time for a vacation with your pug! My pugs are crazy about car rides and make great road […]

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House Rules For New Pug Puppies That Work Really Well

house rules for new pug puppies

Hi, thanks for visiting today! Let’s take a look at a few sensible house rules for new pug puppies. Bringing home a new Pug puppy is going to be an exciting wonderful experience, and I have no doubt, you’re going to have lots of fun together. Raising her is going to take practice, preparation, patience, and a […]

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Ever Wonder Why Your Pug Stares At You All The Time?

pug stares at you

Ever wonder why your Pug Stares At YouHi, Do you ever wonder why your pug stares at you all the time? You look up from whatever you’re doing and find your dog staring at you. You check the clock; it’s not time to feed, not the time for his afternoon walk. Or you’re watching TV and you […]

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Can I Stop My Pug Scratching And Digging In His Bed?

pug scratching and digging in bed

Pug scratching and digging in his bed Hi, thanks for visiting. Today lets look how you can stop your Pug scratching and digging in his bed. For most dog owners, who let their dogs share the bed this is simply a fact of life. You’re just about to go to sleep when your dog jumps up and begins […]

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How To Help A Pug With Separation Anxiety – 8 Steps

pug with separation anxiety

Hi, everyone.Lets take a look at how to help a pug puppy with separation anxiety. A Pug with separation anxiety often whimpers, barks or chews to handle the extreme fear of being left on their own. Separation anxiety is a common occurrence. It’s completely normal. It simply means that your dog misses and worries about you.Pugs […]

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Pug Origins Revealed – A Short History Of The Pug Breed

pug origins

Hey, everyone. If you have one of these dogs then here are some pug origins that may surprise you. With those almost impossibly large bright eyes and a button for a nose, the pug’s mug seems to simultaneously express that it has the weight of the world on its shoulders and a desperate need for love. Beginnings […]

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Sure Fire Ways To Stop Pugs Eating Poop!

stop pugs eating poop

Hi, everyone thanks for dropping by.Today I am going to talk about sure fire ways to stop pugs eating poop. Pugs do a lot of fascinating and comical things. Most of the wacky things they do are cute but not all of them. One of these is eating poop. Quick Navigation Give Us A Kiss!Why Is My […]

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Why Pugs Hoard Things- What To Do About It

why pugs like hoarding things?

Hi, guys thanks for all those lovely comments on the blog. I really appreciate all your support. Have you ever asked yourself why pugs hoard things? We struggle in our house with the mysterious disappearance of socks, caps, shoes, pens, and pencils, and a variety of other stuff.  We’ve always suspected our little Pug might know […]

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My Pug Puppy Cries At Night – Will Crate Training Help?

pug puppies cry at night

Hey, everyone. Thanks for all those lovely comments I really like hearing from you. Please keep them coming. Just last week our friends Wesley and Prim came over complaining that their Pug puppy cries at night. Pug puppies that have just left the litter often cry at night. They are crying frightened, lonesome and having problems […]

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Help! – My Adolescent Pugs Behaving Badly

Teaching your pug puppy to drop it and leave it

Hi Everyone how many times have I heard ” Help! My adolescent pugs behaving badly. Pugs also go through their teenage years (thankfully over in months, not years). When your little friend about six months old, just when you’re finished congratulating yourself that your brand new family member has settled in comfortably and has stopped gnawing everything […]

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12 Reasons To Buy A Playpen For Your Pug Puppy

buy a playpen for your pug puppy

Hello everyone, why not give your little pug a safe haven and buy a playpen for your pug puppy. It will be one of the smartest purchases you can make. A puppy playpen is a truly practical addition to your home. My dog Judy is one clever little pug. She’s learned where the food and her […]

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Sure Ways To Stop Your Pug Barking Up A Storm

stop your pug barking

Hi, Everybody. Lets take a look at some sure ways to stop your pug barking. I know when you got your dog your friends told you that Pugs don ‘t often bark. Yet, your little friend barks all the time. He barks at everything. My aim here is not to stop your Pug barking altogether; rather to […]

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I’m At My Wits End! How Can I Help A Pug With Car Sickness?

help a pug with car sickness

Thanks For Visiting. Dogs can get car sick just like people do. Let’s take a look at how to help a pug with car sickness. Most times you won’t know there’s a problem until you hear that dreaded “URP” Off course by then, it’s too late! Even short car trips can pose a nightmare for some dogs. In […]

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