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A Pug Will Make A Great Family Pet – Get One Today!

a pug will make a great family pet

Hi, everyone. Here are some of the reasons a Pug will be make a great family pet Well, people love Pugs! There’s something about that rogue like face that tugs at your heart-strings. They are very playful and believe that everyone should be paying attention to them.A Pug Will make A great family PetWith Pugs Appearance […]

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Which Are The Best Toys For a Pug Puppy?

best toys for bored pug puppies

Hi, everyone. Today I am going to introduce some of the best toys for your pug puppy. You’re home after a tiring day at the job. You’ve been standing all day, and now you are looking forward to relaxing in a pair of slippers. You look for your slippers, only to find that your little partner […]

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What Hand Books Don’t Tell You About Pugs As Pets

Pugs As Pets

Hello, Everybody and welcome to the blog.Today I will be looking at Pugs as pets. People quite often go out and acquire a Pug, only to discover later it’s not the dog for them. Why is this? These dogs can be bossy, stubborn, and naughty. Folks living with pugs soon come to realize that they need a […]

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How Do I Deal With A Jealous Pug?

how do i deal with a jealous pug

Hi, everyone thanks for joining.The other day a pal of mine was asking “how do I deal with a jealous pug?” Jealousy can be the result of a new relationship, a baby or when there is any other change in your routine which takes your attention away from your Pug. Quick Navigation How Can I Know […]

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Disciplining Pugs The Positive Way – No Unfair Punishment

pugs as pets

Hi, everyone thanks for joining.Today’s topic is “disciplining pugs the positive way.”A perfect little Pug will be calm around other pets, friendly to everyone especially children and quiet and well-behaved around the house. The dog will be keen to come when called at the dog park and a real saint when out walking on the […]

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