How To Choose The Best Harness For Your Pug

best harness for your pug

Hi, everyone. Today we will be looking at how to choose the best harness for your pug. The collar and harness that you choose are going to play an important role in the health and well-being of your Pug. If you’re wondering whether a collar or a harness would be the better choice both are important accessories […]

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How To Keep Your Pug From Drowning This Summer

keep your pug from drowning

Hi,Everyone.Today we are talking about how to keep your pug from drowning in the pool this summer. According to the American Pet Association around 45,000 pets die in drowning accidents every year. The swimming pool can pose a real danger to your little pug if you don’t take a few precautions. A dog pool ramp or set […]

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Dressing Up Pug Puppies Is A Lot Of Fun!

Dressing up Pug puppies

Hello, everyone. Dressing up Pug puppies is a lot of fun! Pug owners passionate about their small grunting associates and many have developed a further fixation – they like dressing up their dogs. I‘m a bit of a traditionalist. I always wanted good old-fashioned dogs. I didn’t share the idea that a pug puppy needed a Barbie […]

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Why Your Pug Licks Your Face -What Can You Do About It?

why your dog licks your face

Hello, everyone thanks for visiting. Perhaps you are wondering why your Pug licks your face and what can be done about it? Many of us find a Pug puppy’s licks a little off putting. Our tongues are useful for eating ice-cream or licking icing sugar out of the bowl. We are not inclined to greet a […]

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Teach Your Pug To Come When You Call – 4 Easy Steps

potty training pug puppies

Hi, everyone.Lets talk about how to teach your pug to come when you call. Calling your Pug puppy and getting him to come to you may seem a relatively easy thing to do. You simply call the dog’s name and he comes running over. You give him a delicious treat and that’s all there is to […]

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A Pug Will Make A Great Family Pet – Get One Today!

a pug will make a great family pet

Hi, everyone. Here are some of the reasons a Pug will be make a great family pet Well, people love Pugs! There’s something about that rogue like face that tugs at your heart-strings. They are very playful and believe that everyone should be paying attention to them.A Pug Will make A great family PetWith Pugs Appearance […]

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Teach Your Pug Puppy To Sit – 6 Easy Steps

train your pug puppy to sit

Hi Everyone thanks for visiting.Lets look at how to teach your Pug puppy to sit. Teaching your puppy to sit when you ask is one of the simplest behavior you can teach and it’s normally the first command that must be mastered in basic obedience courses. Sitting is a very useful behavior that can be used to […]

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Which Are The Best Toys For a Pug Puppy?

best toys for bored pug puppies

Hi, everyone. Today I am going to introduce some of the best toys for your pug puppy. You’re home after a tiring day at the job. You’ve been standing all day, and now you are looking forward to relaxing in a pair of slippers. You look for your slippers, only to find that your little partner […]

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Teach Your Pug Puppy To Stay – 7 Easy Steps

teach your pug puppy to stay

Hi, everyone. Today let’s teach your pug puppy to stay.If you’ve ever envied people who are able to tell their dog to ‘SIT’ or ‘LAY DOWN’ then walk away, leaving their dog waiting obediently for them then this is the post you’ve been waiting for.The ‘STAY’ command tells your pug to remain in the ‘SIT’ […]

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Choosing a Doghouse For Your Pug

choosing a doghouse for your pug

Hi, all thanks for visiting the blog. Lets look at choosing a doghouse for your pug. If you have made up your mind to treat your little pug to a new home of his own there are a host different designs to choose from.  There’s nothing like an invigorating run in the sunshine! My pug runs crazy […]

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How To Choose A Dog Bed For Your Pug

how to choose a bed for a pug

Hi, everyone.Let’s take a look at how to choose a dog bed for your pug. Pugs are famous for their uncanny ability to sleep just about anywhere. They are also able to sleep through just about anything. It doesn’t matter how many exciting things are happening in their world. When the urge to snooze beckons, there’s nothing […]

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How To Help A Pug With Breathing Difficulties

help a pug with breathing difficulties

Hi there, thanks for visiting the blog! This post is to show owners how to help a pug with breathing difficulties. While your pug’s little snores and sneezes can be quite charming, keep in mind that the sounds are actually a result of a respiratory system that is not ideally designed. Of course, pug owners usually adjust […]

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Feeding Your Pug Table Scraps

feeding your pug table snacks

Hi, Everyone. I want to explain why I think there’s nothing wrong with feeding your Pug table scraps. I’m sure everybody feeds their dogs table scraps at one time or another. We find it impossible to resist dropping a morsel or two when we see those cute little eyes staring at us from beneath the table. […]

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How To Clean Up Your Pug Puppy’s Smelly Breath

cure your pugs stinky breath

Hello, everyone. perhaps you are wondering how you can clean up your pug puppy’s smelly breath. Nothing ruins a nice cuddle with your puppy like a sudden blast of halitosis. Let’s first look at the causes of bad breath in dogs.Periodontal Disease  Recent studies have shown that after the age of three, 70+ percent of dogs will have […]

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How To House Train A Pug Puppy In 14 Days

house train a pug puppy

Hi, everyone. Today I would like to give you some tips on how to house train a pug puppy. I can promise that house training a Pug puppy will involve a few headaches. Brace yourself for a rough and rocky relationship with your cheerful little Pug. Although they look totally precious and lovable, they can prove to […]

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The Best Dog Food For Pugs – A Definitive Guide

best dog food for Pugs

Hello, everyone. People often want to know what I think is the best dog food for Pugs. There are several of really good alternatives as well as a few shockers so I normally tend to duck the question. Today I’m going to lay it all out and let you have my recommendation for the best dog food […]

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5 Easy Ways To Increase A Pugs Life Span

increase pug life expectancy

Increase A Pugs Life SpanHi Everyone thanks for visiting the blog.  With proper correct care and attention you can increase a pugs life span to 16 or even as long as 18 years.When a pug gets to about 8 years old he is a senior.The change from adult to senior is often so gradual that […]

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What Hand Books Don’t Tell You About Pugs As Pets

Pugs As Pets

Hello, Everybody and welcome to the blog.Today I will be looking at Pugs as pets. People quite often go out and acquire a Pug, only to discover later it’s not the dog for them. Why is this? These dogs can be bossy, stubborn, and naughty. Folks living with pugs soon come to realize that they need a […]

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