Which Are The Best Toys For a Pug Puppy?

best toys for  a pug puppy

Hi, everyone. Today I am going to introduce some of the best toys for your pug puppy.

You're home after a tiring day at the job. You've been standing all day, and now you are looking forward to relaxing in a pair of slippers. You look for your slippers, only to find that your little partner has chewed them up.

Oh Boy!

A dog that's left alone all day when you are at work will become bored and may get up to mischief as a result. He's just trying to find ways to amuse himself.

For a pug puppy, chewing on things is the same as a human baby reaching out and feeling things. It's a way to explore and learn about his world.

Unless you provide an acceptable outlet for your dogs natural instinct to chew, he may turn to destructive chewing in the home

These normally come in the form of dog toys.

Choosing the best Toys For Your Pug Puppy

Picking out the best toys for pug puppies isn’t all that easy. There are so many possible choices. Quite often, after agonizing over which toy to buy you get it home and, your pug almost never plays with it.

So, why are dogs so choosy? How are they going to decide which toys they are going to like?

All of my pug's toys have names. Bellamy will go and find a toy by name. It's amusing to see him digging through his toy box until he finds his Squeaker Dog Toy,or Barney Bear or Freddie the Frog.

Bellamy likes to hoard his toys. He hides them in his Cozy Cave Pet Bed before joining them for a peaceful sleepover.

My Choice of the Best Toys For  a Pug Puppy

According to recent studies, dogs get bored with the same old toys. To keep them interested only give them access to a few at a time.

1.0 Some dogs find dog squeak toys more interesting.

2.0 Dogs like all toys at first but once they become familiar with them they gradually begin to lose interest.

3.0 They like it best when you join in the game.

4.0 Pugs usually think of their toys as prey. That's why they like plush dog toys that either taste good, can be ripped up, or that make a noise.

For Your Pug, nothing beats playing with you. Toys that are not too hard and can be chewed easily or toys that challenge your Pugs mind are more likely to become favorites.

If you have any suggestions for best toys for pug puppies I would love to hear them. Just leave a comment in the box below this post.God Bless

Richard S..

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