The Best Dog Food For Pugs – A Definitive Guide

best dog food for pugs

Hello, everyone. People often want to know what I think is the best dog food for Pugs.

There are several of really good alternatives as well as a few shockers so I normally tend to duck the question.

Today I'm going to lay it all out and let you have my recommendation for the best dog food for Beagle puppies, adults, and senior dogs.

It is difficult to imagine a cuter breed than the creased-looking little Pug. Pugs are the clowns of the dog world because they're hilarious and like to show off.

There’s a lot of personality in those little sturdy bodies. A pug is an intelligent, charming, affectionate dog that makes an excellent companion for people who in an apartment or those wanting a smaller dog.

Pugs are food hogs

This often makes them obese. They do best with a high-quality protein diet containing carbohydrates from fruit and veggies. Grains or Corn may worsen a Pug’s joint problems. Weight gain and obesity are health issues that often with Pugs, especially with dogs that don’t get much exercise.

If you really want to make sure that your Pug continues to be your loyal little associate for as long as possible, make sure you feed him a healthy diet that aligns with his nutritional needs.If you want my recommendations for the best dog food for Pugs read on.

Nutritional Requirements For Pug Dogs

By body weight, the National Research Council of the National Academies, suggests an average daily calorie intake of about 730 calories for Pugs weighing 18 pounds.

The calorie consumption for each day will vary. It will depend on the Pugs age, his metabolic rate and level of activity. Puppies that have been spayed/neutered usually need fewer calories.

Some dogs may need more calories depending on their level of activity individual metabolism. Pug puppies, for example, need more calories than adult Pugs.

A Pug that lies around the home all day, would probably need fewer calories. With senior dogs are less active resulting in a gradually slowing metabolism.

The Importance Of Protein In Your Dog's Diet

Meat is a valuable addition to any commercial dog food. Buy a dog food that lists meat as the 1st ingredient. Avoid food that has chicken or meat by-products and fillers. Meat meals are already cooked down to a moisture level of 10%.This makes them a highly concentrated form of protein.

best dog food for Pugs

Just be sure that the meat meal comes from a named source like chicken or salmon meal and not a generic source like poultry meal or a by-product meal.

Whole meats are chicken, beef, fish, and lamb. Look for salmon or chicken and not non-specified generic sources like poultry or meat. Meat “by-products” which are waste or leftover of a slaughtered animals not fit for human consumption are less desirable.

The Importance Of Fat In Your Dog's Diet

In addition to protein, your Pug also needs healthy fats in his diet. Fats are essential for small-breed dogs.They provide concentrated energy and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to strengthen skin and coat health.

Just like protein, your Pug’s fats should always come from animal-based sources like chicken fat and salmon meal as opposed to plant sources like flax-seed and canola oil.

A dog food recipe that is low-fat and calorie-restricted works well for Pugs who like to eat way too much and have difficulty running off those extra calories.

The third most essential nutrient for dogs is carbohydrates which provide vitamins and minerals along with dietary fiber to enhance healthy digestion.

Dogs don't have specific requirements for carbohydrates however this nutrient should come highly digestible sources like brown rice or whole oats.

best dog food for pugs

Ingredients To Avoid When Selecting Dog Food

Thus far we've dealt with those ingredients that make sure that low-quality ingredients are NOT being used.

Most commercial dog food has fillers. These are empty "ingredients", with no nutritional value. They're not absorbed, as they pass right through the body offering nothing more than a short period of feeling full.

Avoid dog food containing, wheat, cord and soy ingredients and food with flavoring and preservatives.

I want to encourage dog owners to find out more about the food their dogs are ingesting because it has a tremendous effect on vitality and energy levels and the general health of their dogs.

Steer clear of preservatives, artificial coloring, and flavors. Ingesting these kinds of chemicals may cause issues ranging from dry skin, itchy coat, upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhea).

With the Pugs, this most often shows on the dog's skin in the form of rash, itchy patches, or hot spots.

Best Dog Food For Pugs 

Pug Puppies

Blue Buffalo Small Breed Puppy Chicken and Oatmeal Recipe

This is holistically formulated to support the essential needs of small breed puppies.Your puppy will love the tasty chicken, and it will give them essential amino acids they need each day.

Healthy oatmeal and barley supply complex carbohydrates your puppy needs for energy.

Whole carrots, sweet potatoes, and garlic are just three of the nutrient-rich vegetables your puppy gets with every bite

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

The formula is grain-free and will provide energy and healthy nutrition for a growing puppy.

Made with a combination protein sources with delicious vegetables and fruit. Your little friend will get natural antioxidants for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

With this dog food, you get probiotics and chicory that help build a dog's immune system and promote healthy digestion.

Formulated to provide an ideal amino acid profile, and naturally sourced antioxidants with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to give your dog a smooth clear skin

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Adult Pugs

Taste of the Wild Canine Formula

Taste of the Wild Canine Formula has become the best-selling dog food online with a reputation for quality second to none.

This Formula lists buffalo meat as the major ingredient. This is an ideal food for Pugs because your dog is getting real meat as the major ingredient, instead of scraps or meat meal.

The carbohydrates in this dog food are from tasteful healthy sources like peas and sweet potatoes. This leading dry food for pugs is rich in natural source antioxidants. It's going to make sure your dog develops a sound immune system.

Perfect for dogs with skin allergies or sensitive stomachs and they have removed many of the conventional ingredients that result in itching and bloat.

It's top quality dog food that gives you value for your money. That's the reason I recommend this brand as the best dog food for pugs

Taste of the Wild is a product of the United States and is grain-free.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection

The Blue Buffalo pet food company has a reputation for producing high-quality, all-natural diets for dogs,

This company offers four different lines of dog food products – the Life Protection line, the Freedom line of grain-free foods, the Basics line of Limited Ingredient Diets, and the Wilderness line.

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Bite Chicken and Brown Rice formula has chicken off the bone, chicken meal, and brown rice as the top three ingredients followed by barley, oatmeal, and chicken fat.

The inclusion of a very effective mix of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for complete balanced nutrition will cover your Pugs nutritional needs and help to strengthen his immunity and digestive system

And more than that, it's entirely free from wheat, and soy ingredients not to mention artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. That's why I recommend it as my second best dog food for Pugs.

Your Pug will love this food!

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Senior Dogs

​​​​Canidae Life Stages

Canidae life stages is the best food for Pugs aged eight years or older. This dog food has adjusted protein levels, so it will not overburden your older dog's kidneys.

This is the best dog food for pugs that need some help with their joints. It's perfect for Pugs that need to stay slim and trim.

It’s formulated to work for any life-stage and I rate it the best dog food for Pugs in their retirement years.

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What do you think is the best dog food for pugs?I would love to hear which brand(s) have or haven’t been working for you. Please use the comment box and post your vote for the best dog food for Pugs.

Bye For Now

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