A Pug Will Make A Great Family Pet – Get One Today!

a Pug will be make a great family pet

Hi, everyone. Here are some of the reasons a Pug will be make a great family pet

Well, people love Pugs! There's something about that rogue like face that tugs at your heart-strings. They are very playful and believe that everyone should be paying attention to them.

A Pug Will make A great family Pet

With Pugs Appearance Can Be Deceptive

At first sight, a pug seems rather slow and awkward. Actually, pugs are playful and extremely agile little rascals.

Naturally very friendly little creatures they're sometimes, too friendly for their own good. A Pug will be make a great family pet because they seem to get along with anyone and everyone.

Although their expression are rather stern Pugs are very sensitive animals especially in response to their owners voice.They are sweet, love to listen and are easy to train.

a Pug will be make a great family pet

What are Pugs Like

A Pug has two loves in life: his family and his food!

Pugs love food and will happily eat more than is good for them. Once they become fixated with "wanting" something they will work on their owner until they get it! They will quickly become obese if their owner gives in to easily or if they're not exercised regularly.

Being an indoor dog, when grown, they can be prone to laziness. They're indoor dogs and don't need much exercising so a Pug will be make a great family pet for people with busy lifestyles and for those with limited time for extensive dog walking.

Mine love free romps in the park but they don't enjoy playing Frisbee or games of fetch. A game of tug is something they relish.

These dogs make a valued family member in many homes. As pets, they are very devoted to their owners. A Pug will follow you, everywhere.

Some people find this endearing while others find it maddening or at least occasionally irritating. If the pug's clingy nature is going to bother you, don't get a Pug.

These dogs are little clowns and you are going to laugh at their antics! They're is very loving dogs, and in turn, they love to be loved. A great companion for many, especially children and the elderly.

a Pug will be make a great family pet

Pugs Cats and Other Dogs

Pugs enjoy the companionship of other dogs and can be trusted around cats and other small animals like rabbits. A pug has a generally calm temperament, and love being companion pets. They live for attention so a Pug will be make a great family pet for a family or somebody who works from home.

A Pug Is A Feisty Little Dog

A pug is a small dog but don't let that put you off. They're tough little animals and they enjoy rough and tumble games. They're smart dogs and vanish if  the play gets a tad too rough for them or is not going as they expected.

At 15 to 18 pounds when fully grown, his small size will be make a great family pet for those with smaller homes and people who live in apartments.  

These are sometimes noisy little dogs

Your Pug will sound off with his rather odd bark when a guests shows up. Then he will welcome them inside with snorts, shuffles, and grunts.

Due to their small noses and flat faces, pugs have a history of making strange noises. Almost all Pugs snore and while some people find this cute and charming, others may find it annoying.

Because of the structure of their face, pugs make lots of noises especially making snorting sounds and snoring while they sleep. Oh yeah, they also shed a lot and fart, but other than that, they are pretty amazing pets.

a Pug will be make a great family pet

Pugs Are very sensitive to climate

The breed do not do well on hot humid days. Temperature above 80 degrees can be hazardous to a Pugs health and can cause heat stroke in these dogs.A Pug will be make a great family pet but walking him in hot or cold weather without lots of shade and plenty of water to drink is not what the doctor ordered.

Life Span

On average, these dogs live to be around twelve, but they have are also able to live well beyond this average life span with the right care and nutrition. I feed mine Wellness Complete Health for Small Breeds.

This has no artificial additives or chemical preservatives. The base of this dry food is turkey plus oatmeal which agrees with most pugs..

There's also peas, brown rice, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, blueberry, and apple. This food has a broad-range of vitamins and minerals, a good level of omega -3  and Chondroitin and Glucosamine which are good joint supplements for your dog

Pug Health

Common pug health issues include , eye problems, luxating patella, dog encephalitis,  and tracheal collapse​.

Of course, not all Pugs will be affected by these health problems as simply bare in mind that they're more predisposed to these illnesses.

A Pug's short coat is quite easy to maintain but, their wrinkles need special attention.Owners usually brush and comb every week, making certain to clean all those skin folds to prevent a possible infection.

a Pug will be make a great family pet

Pugs Are Smart Dogs And Learn Fast!

Because they are highly intelligent and somewhat clever, pugs do become tired quickly of training methods. You will have to be sharp and mix things up when you are train these dogs.

With the proper training a Pugs soon learns to obey basic commands and will develop into a responsible little dog.

“You can say any fool thing to a dog and the dog will just give you this look that says, 'My GOSH, you're RIGHT! I NEVER would've thought of that!” Dave Barry

So, if you' re thinking of getting a pug go right ahead. Its a decision you will never regret. A Pug will be make a great family pet.


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