5 Easy Ways To Increase A Pugs Life Span

increase a pugs life span

Increase A Pugs Life Span

Hi Everyone thanks for visiting the blog.  With proper correct care and attention you can increase a pugs life span to 16 or even as long as 18 years.

When a pug gets to about 8 years old he is a senior.The change from adult to senior is often so gradual that owners don't always notice the changing needs of their little associate until he's really struggling.

Signs That Your Dog Is Aging

Graying Hair And Dry Skin Are Sure Signs Of Aging

Frequent attention to grooming and the introduction of massage will help the condition of the skin and coat.

Your Pugs Teeth May Fall Out (or need to be removed)

Rotten teeth may lead to gum and mouth infection. These can migrate to vital organs causing serious damage.

This is where good dental care pays off. Pugs with healthy teeth digest their food better reducing the chance of intestinal blockages and stomach illnesses.

Your Senior Dog May Experience Joint Stiffness

This usually affects the back legs which are usually worse in the mornings or following periods of prolonged inactivity.Their barrel-shaped bodies put a lot of weight and stress on the hip areas, legs, and knees. This can take its toll as the years go by. Pugs often get arthritis as well.

Your little pal may experience difficulty getting up from a down position. He may battle walking up steps and might begin walking slower due to stiffness in the legs.

Keeping the fur on your Pug’s pads trimmed will give your dog a little more traction on tiled floors. You can carry you Pug but try to allow your dog to keep up her independence. I strongly suggest steps or ramps so that he can get onto your bed, the sofa or any other safe area that she may be used to jumping onto.

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I Never Recommend A Product Unless I Would Buy It For My Own Dogs

Consult your vet before using nutritional supplements. There's a ton of products available now. While most will do no harm; most are a waste of money.They will not help your little senior associate to be more active or increase a pugs life span.

See what your vet thinks before giving supplements to your dog.

Hearing Loss

Pugs normally have impressive hearing ability but as they grow old, hearing difficulties can develop.

Fat/ Muscle Ratio

As your dog's body it begins to store more fat and your dog may start to lose muscle tone. With ageing Pugs, fat cells previously located near the surface of the skin gradually move deeper in the body, closer to vital organs. A healthy diet will help increase a pugs life span. Light daily exercise continues to be important.


Your Pug may be calmer and less active. He may become impatient with younger dogs in your household. This is usually due to painful joints. This behavior may be triggered by a reaction to drugs or a new environment. Older dogs like change. They like things to stay the same.

How To Increase A Pug's Life Span

Based on the latest statistics, you can pretty much expect at least one or two health crisis to occur during the lifetime of your little dog.

There’s not all that much you can do to avoid common health problems. There are however a few things you can do that may increase a pug's life span.

1.0 Keep An Eye On Your Pugs Weight

increase a pugs life span

People often think that its normal for Pugs to be fat. This is a misconception. Yes, Pugs are food hogs so it's important to keep a close eye on the amount of food you may be giving your dog. Naturally too much snacking between meals is out.

Avoid feeding your Pug people food. Dry kibbles are better than can dog food. Your Pug needs a high fiber diet that will improve gastrointestinal health and food that's low in calories. There are dog food formulas that are lower in calories and have all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will insure your Pug gets the best food for his complete health.

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I never recommend a product unless I would buy it for my own dogs!

​2.0 Exercise Your Pug

Pugs normally sleep around fourteen hours a day but that does not mean that your dog should always be lazing about. Pugs need daily exercise to keep their weight down. Physical and mental stimulation will help make your Pug feel active and young.

To exercise your Pug indoors I suggest you get some treat toys that dispense meals in less quantity.

For outdoor exercise, a short brisk walk is enough. Don't push your Pug beyond his limits. When he slows down, begins breathing heavily or resists walking, it’s time to stop. On warmer days try to walk in the morning (before 10 AM) and again in the evening (after 5 PM) A pug will rarely give up on a walk. He will struggle to keep up with your pace. Stop now and then in the shade to rest and drink water.

3.0 Check The Thermometer

A Pugs short face and upturned nose may compromise breathing and make heat stroke a definite possibility. Pugs are prone to heat stroke and are often brought in to the vet after suffering heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure and seizures brought on by heat exposure.

4.0 Protect Your Pug From Parasites

It’s important to keep your companion animal healthy and free of parasites.Fleas and Ticks can be a major concern and look out for worms, as well.

A sure sign of is when your dog begins shaking his head and/or scratching madly. Look out for redness or skin rashes when you bathe your dog. Have your little friend tested for parasites annually and protect your dog and your family.

increase a pugs life span

increase a pugs Life Span

Give an older Pug the benefit of as much human companionship as he has had throughout his life. Even increase it, if you can.

 They get to love your voice almost as much as they their love food. Keep him near you and take them with you when you go places. You will increase his sense of security and involvement with the world and give him a better quality life.

 Pugs need lots of attention to be really happy dogs, and a happy dog lives longer.

5.0 Check Ups

With Pug pups owners usually follow scheduled visits because they know they need to do the necessary inoculations. Some owners slack off as their dog matures. They only bring him to the vet when there is a problem.

Regular yearly check-ups are an important part of keeping a Pug healthy and extending a pug's life span. Get your vet to give your pug a physical check.

There's a host of issues that can be spotted by your vet.The earlier treatment begins, the more effective it will be. Adult Pugs should be seen once a year and seniors (Pugs 8 years old and older) should be seen 2 times per year for examinations.

Helping your Pug live happily through his senior years is a very simple. All it will take is a little love and devotion.

Perhaps you have a few other ideas about how to increase a pugs life span? Share them with us in the comment section. Thank you.


Richard S.

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